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Journal „Production Technology“ reports in detail about the Meeraners. “Realignment in the era of the energy revolution”

For more than 150 years, everything at Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH has revolved around energy. The team of almost 200 employees knows a lot about the manufacture of complex pressure parts and components for the effi cient generation and use of electricity and heat.

The company has already overcome many upheavals since its foundation in 1862. The Meerane-based company, which has been part of the Hitachi Power Systems group since 2014, is also tackling head-on the challenges associated with the transition to renewable energy. Whereas the company’s product portfolio was dominated by large-scale steam generators for coal-fired power generation in the past, it is now realigning its range of products and services to focus on the main business areas of energy engineering, power-plant engineering, and process-related plant engineering.

In the fi eld of energy engineering, the company is focusing its expertise on the production of components such as membrane walls, superheaters, steam headers, and burners for the generation of energy from biomass and waste incineration, as well as for gas-fi red and industrial power plants. In the field of plant engineering, the company produces process-related components, such as waste-heat systems, heat exchangers, drying drums, and special fittings. The components ensure the smooth running of processes in the chemical, steel, paper, gas, and oil industries, and are used both for the manufacture of products and for the efficient use of the heat released during these processes.

The Meerane-based company has signifi cantly increased its range of services. In addition to the spare-parts business in power-plant engineering, contract services such as CNC manufacturing, material blanks, heat treatment, or surface treatment are also growing in significance for customers outside the field of plant engineering. Manual and automatic contract welding for small to medium-sized production runs is a new addition to the service portfolio. This service focuses specifically on the automotive sector. The company uses the knowledge and skill it has gained over decades in the field of materials and joining technology to continuously improve the protection against wear of highly stressed components, such as those used in energy and process engineering. For example, semi-finished products are equipped with highly resistant, welded-on protective layers. One of the newest developments is the welding-based processing of composite pipes. The Meerane-based company uses these composite pipes to produce the wear- and corrosion-resistant boiler walls necessary for processes such as those involved in papermaking.

The extensive range of services is rounded off with engineering, consulting, testing, and training services. When it comes to training and consultation, demand is particularly high for Meeraner’s welding expertise, which it passes on at its in-house training center and also at the customers’ locations. The company has an accredited testing laboratory for the inspection of materials and components that has approval for manual non-destructive testing procedures, such as radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, liquid-penetrant and magnetic-particle inspection and visual inspection.