Great ideas as a powerful driving force: We have always focussed on energy. There are more than 150 years between the first small, riveted steam boilers and the current production of complex pressure parts. Much expertise and experience. And one of the reasons, why pressure parts and components from MEERANER Dampfkesselbau work in power plants and industrial plants all around the world – reliably and durably.

Furthermore, we ensure consistent original MEERANER quality with our service and maintenance services. We think outside the box: We do not only train our junior staff in our academy, but also offer welding courses at the highest level for our customers. And the many new challenges in the area of energy generation and industry? We consider these as opportunities.

Fundamental values

Fairness, tolerance, integrity and responsibility towards our employees, partners and customers: We are guided by these fundamental values every day. They are based on mutual respect, transparency and honesty. They also include the issues of occupational safety, environmental protection and combating corruption, of course.

Customer orientation

Absolute reliability, loyalty and long-term customer benefits are as important for us as the most stringent safety standards and maximum quality – all the processes at MEERANER Dampfkesselbau are intended to meet these requirements. Only in this way it is possible for us to guarantee the delivery reliability, commitment and reliability our customers appreciate in us.


We take our social and ecological responsibility seriously. This also includes the careful use of resources and the respectful treatment of the environment, as well as a cooperative company structure based on respect and trust. For us, responsibility also means to avoid wastefulness of any kind.


We are MEERANER Dampfkesselbau: a strong, competent team which acts cross-functionally, purposefully and socially. The support and development of each team member are part of our self-perception as a learning company. And together, we bring many things forward: This is enabled by flat hierarchies and much individual responsibility.


As an established company with a long history, we know where we come from, where we are and where we want to be. Accordingly, our objective is to convince with experienced employees, outstanding quality and competence – on a regional level as well as throughout the world.


Experience & quality since 1862

Over 150 years of experience in the production of pressure parts for steam boilers.


Relaunch of the brand MEERANER


Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH becomes part of the Mitsubishi Group


Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH becomes part of the Hitachi Group


Manufacture of membrane tube walls from austenitic materials


Manufacture of pressure parts with a steam output of 2600 t/h for large power plants


Babcock Kraftwerkstechnik acquires Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH


Manufacture of pressure parts with a steam output of 1500 t/h for large power plants


The newly named Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH is acquired by Lentjes AG


Manufacture of pressure parts with a steam output of 815 t/h for large power plants


Steam boiler export to Egypt


Dispossession of the company Dampfkesselbau F. L. Oschatz, change to VEB Dampfkesselbau Meerane


Production of the first superheater in the region of Saxony, Germany


First steam boiler export to China


Production of the 1000th steam boiler


The company´s registration in the German Trade Register as Dampfkesselbau F. L. Oschatz

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meeraner dampfkesselbau scheißarbeiten

Career & Job

Become a MEERANER!

Here is a list of all our current job offers. Become a part of our fast-growing traditional company. We are looking forward to your application!

We are looking for you!

Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH – a company of the Mitsubishi Group with registered office in Meerane/Saxony – offers their customers individual, innovative and high-quality products and services in the area of boiler, container and apparatus engineering as well as steam generators.

We shape the future together with our employees and customers all around the world.

Your application should contain the following documents:

  • a personal cover letter
  • a clearly structured curriculum vitae, which compiles your previous education and professional experience together with additional qualifications and skills
  • copies of all relevant certificates (school, training and / or university certificates, certificates of professional activities, internships and additional qualifications)

Please send your detailed application, which we will treat confidentially of course, via e-mail to or by post to:

Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH
Zwickauer Straße 94-98
08393 Meerane/Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-0


Unsolicited application

Unsolicited application

We are looking forward to you and to your application. Even in case we do not seek to fill a vacancy in our company at the moment, which corresponds to your career and your wishes, we are always interested in qualified applicants and we will be pleased to receive your unsolicited application.

Location & Direction

How to get to us.

Everything began here more than 150 years ago: Our heart beats at Meerane, Saxony. With the location at the motorway A4 and at the federal highway B93, we are situated in a very favourable logistical position and are easily accessible. Furthermore, the airports Leipzig and Dresden are only about one hour by car away from Meerane. Our head office is complemented by a branch office in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Head Office Meerane

Zwickauer Straße 94-98
08393 Meerane/Germany

Phone.: +49 (0) 3764 53 0
Fax.: +49 (0) 3764 53-526

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We are proud of it.

Our company has a long-standing tradition in boiler engineering, which is why we can only show you a short excerpt of all of our references. All reputable national and international power supply companies and power station constructors, industrial power stations, as well as local energy providers are among our main clients. Furthermore, we have been working with customers from the steel production industry, operators of waste heat plants, waste incinerators, biomass combustion plants and other environmental heat recovery plants.

meeraner dampfkesselbau weltkarte refernenzen


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
MPE Kusile (PL) burner atomizer
Uniper Maasvlakte (NL) membrane walls T24
MSK Boxberg (DE) eco
MPE Huntstown (IE) repair of old attemporator
DSD Power Schkopau (DE) spiral panels and flue gas recirculation
Crop Energies Zeitz (DE) dust arrestor
MPE Düsseldorf (DE) fuel nozzle
Aurubis Hamburg (DE) membrane walls with deflection bends
RWE Eemshaven (NL) membrane walls T24
Turbo Technik Irsching (DE) attemporator
MPE Gendorf (DE) membrane walls and bundles
MAN Mannheim (DE) control valve plate
Martin AG Dietikon (CH) membrane walls
Iqony Lauta (DE) deflection bendings
Wulff & Umag Symrise (DE) membrane walls
MPE Drax 3 (GB) burners
DSD Power Heyden (NL) headers
HZI München (DE) membrane walls


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
RWE Neurath (DE) membrane walls T24
MPE Drax (GB) burners
PCK Schwedt (DE) boiler bottom
MPE Mannheim (DE) spare parts for boiler
DSD Power Schkopau (DE) superheater
Saale Energie Schkopau (DE) repair of old attemporator
MPE BASF Ludwigshafen (DE) spare parts for boiler
Turbo Technik Reuter (DE) outlet headers
Wulff & Umag Stuttgart (DE) membrane walls
MPE Stockholm (SE) spare parts for boiler
J. Christof OMV Schwechat (AT) membrane walls and headers
RWE Niederaußem (DE) black and white connectors
MPE Offenbach (DE) parts for rotary kiln
Feralpi Riesa (DE) reconstruction evaporator bundles
Steinserv Kiel (DE) headers
MPE Ptolemais (GR) spare parts for mills
DSD Power Eisenhüttenstadt (DE) boiler
Turbo Technik Emsland (DE) attemporator


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
Leipziger Stadtwerke Leipzig (DE) blow-out operation
MPE Abu Qir (EG) boiler bottom with burner tubes
DSD Power KW Heyden (DE) attemporator
MPE Rotterdam (ND) wall penetrations
Etabo Reuter West (DE) outlet header
Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi Riesa (DE) reconstruction evaporator
Leipziger Stadtwerke Piesteritz und Bischofferode (DE) superheater exchange
MPE Sasol (RSA) burners
LEAG Lippendorf (DE) tee pieces X10CrMoVNb91
Wulff & Umag Chemnitz (DE) membrane walls
MPE Västhamnsverket (SE) membrane walls and burners
Thyssen Köln Godorf (DE) transition pieces
Wehrle Werk Kahlenberg (AT) straight and bended membrane walls
AKS München Nord (DE) membrane walls with openings
MPE VW Wolfsburg (DE) oil piping
Borsig Service Vynova (DE) piping
MPE Kuwait  (KW) automatic burner cylinder gate valve
Doosan Babcock Energy Witzenhausen (DE) membrane walls and headers
MPE Turow (PL) spare parts for mills


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
MPE Kuwait (KW) ADS Burners
Borsig Service OMV Schwechat (AT) Header, Superheater tube bundles, Gas tight welded membrane walls
DSD Power Lippendorf (DE) Superheater tube bundles
Polytechnik Ausserschwyz (CH) Eco with steel construction
Leipziger Stadtwerke Piesteritz & Bischofferode (DE) Main steam valve, Bypass pipeline
MPE Flensburg (DE) Superheater-, Evaporator- and Eco bundle heating surfaces
Frenzelit Wolfen (DE) Compensator after gas turbine
Romonta Amsdorf (DE) Eco- and Superheater tube bundles/td>
MPE Kozienice (PL) Pulverized – Coal Burners
RWE Neurath (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls T24
Borsig Service München Nord (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
DSD Power Schkopau (DE) Superheater tube bundles
MPE Rotterdam (NL) Spiral membrane walls
Wehrle Emmendingen (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
Gerald Estel Anlagenmontage Königs Wusterhausen (DE) Superheater tube bundles


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
EVN Wärmekraftwerke Zwentendorf (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
Etabo Energietechnik Neurath (DE) RH – Spray attemperator
Heizkraftwerk Silbitz Silbitz (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
Hitachi Zosen Inova Hamburg (DE) Boiler wall segments with bends for burners, manholes and measuring points
GE Power Homburg (DE) Headers
Borsig Service Leuna (DE) Spray attemperators
Gerald Estel Anlagenmontagen Feralpi Riesa (DE) Retrofit Eco tube bundle module
Borsig Service Zypern (CY) Tube bends
MHPSE Laziska (PL) Absorber plates
TRV Wesseling Köln (DE) Weld cladding boiler walls with various openings and headers
DSD Power Berlin Schkopau (DE) Membrane tube wall segments for hopper Unit A
WULFF & UMAG Gent (BE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
LEAG Lippendorf (DE) Membrane tube walls for boiler spiral
KSC Anlagenbau Erfurt (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
WULFF & UMAG Korbach (DE) Gas tight welded membrane wall elements
Etabo Energietechnik Niederaußem (DE) RH3 header and connecting pipes
Doosan Babcock Energy Piesteritz (DE) Tube bundle
PCK Raffinerie Schwedt (DE) Boiler wall parts with inner-grooved tubes
MHPSE Sorfert 4 (DZ) Industrial boiler and finned tube Eco
Borsig Service Moorburg (DE) Feed water pipes
Unic Systems Frankfurt a.M. (DE) Boiler drum
Wehrle-Werke Malmö (SE) Gas tight welded membrane walls, tube bends
Dow Olefinverbund Böhlen (DE) Component replacement on the waste heat boiler
Engie Services Rotterdam (NL) Tube bends
Etabo Energietechnik Huckingen (DE) Spray attemperator
1Heiz Energie Eberswalde (DE) Manhole opening for boiler wall
Vattenfall Moorburg (DE) Tube bends and bottoms
MHPSE Baosteel (CN) Manufacturing of blast furnace gas burner
Standardkessel Baumgarte Hamburg (DE) bended boiler wall parts made of omega tube
Steinmüller Babcock Environment Salo (FI) Manufacturing of vertical and horizontal boiler passes
MHPSE Ruhleben (DE) Superheater tube bundles
Mercer Rosenthal (DE) Gas tight welded evaporator boiler bottom
Uniper Kraftwerke Leverkusen (DE) Header
Boilerworks Lingköping (SE) Pipe bends
Wehrle-Werke Freiburg (DE) bended membrane wall segments
LEAG Boxberg (DE) T24 membrane walls
DSD Power Berlin Schkopau (DE) Hopper membrane walls Unit B
STEAG GmbH Hagen (DE) Straight and bended boiler walls with openings
Uniper Kraftwerke Wilhelmshafen (DE) Gas tight welded membrane walls
MHPSE Datteln (DE) Manufacturing of pressure parts for a complete first boiler draught
Borsig Service K & S (DE) Live steam header
MHPSE Kozienice (PL) Pipe protection for superheater tube bundles


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
Borsig Neurath (DE) Superheater-header and spray attemperator
MHPSE Maasvlakte (NL) Superheater tube bundles with suspension tubes
Stadtwerke Erfurt AHK-Erfurt Ost (DE) Replacement of suspension tube systems
Menk Schmehmann Leipa Schwedt (DE) Reversal- and superheater-header
Uniper Leverkusen (DE) Header for membrane walls
Borsig Neurath Block F+G (DE) T24 membrane walls
MHPSE Shell Godorf (DE) Preheater- und economiser-module with duct casing
Vattenfall Moabit (DE) Superheater tube bundles with suspension tubes
RWE Neurath (DE) T24 – Membrane walls
MHPSE Datteln (DE) Superheater tube bundles
STEAG Salzbergen (DE) Reversal- and superheater-header
RWE Westfalen (DE) Black-white connectors
HPE Rotterdam (NL) Wall passage through for vertical part of boiler
MHPSE Sasol (ZA) Burners
PCK Raffinerie Schwedt DE2 (DE) Membrane walls
Estel Feralpi Risa (DE) Retrofit of economiser-module
Mewes Dordrecht (NL) Membrane walls and headers
Velde Graz (AT) Membrane walls
Stadtwerke Leipzig BMHKW Piesteritz (DE) bundle heat exchangers incl. assembly
Unic Systems Obernburg (DE) high pressure-header and steam pipes
Svex NV Beveren (BE) Membrane walls
InfraServ Höchst/Frankfurt (DE) Membrane walls
Wulff & Umag Karlsruhe (DE) Complete boiler-body made of membrane walls
ZP-Rosenthal Blankenstein (DE) Membrane walls
DSD Heyden (DE) Membrane walls
MHPSE Turow (PL) Wear parts for coal mills
Uniper Schkopau (DE) Membrane walls
MHPSE Huntstown (IE) Attemperator
Unic Systems Bergkamen (DE) Membrane walls
AWG Wuppertal Wuppertal (DE) Superheater tubes


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
Stadtwerke Leipzig BMHKW Piesteritz (DE) Preheater for secondary air incl. assembly
MHPSE Datteln (DE) RH 2 heating surface tubes
MHPSE Ptolemais (GR) Vapourseparator
KSC Hamburg (DE) Superheater tubing
Borsig Neurath (DE) Superheater and spray attemperator
Estel Wiesbaden (DE) Superheater tubing
Velde Orlen Trzebinia (PL) Membrane walls
Uniper Schkopau (DE) Membrane walls
HPE Rotterdam (NL) Wall passage through for vertical part of boiler
AWG Wuppertal Wuppertal (DE) Membrane walls incl. attachments and internals
Borsig Niederaußem Bl. G (DE) Headers, spray attemperator, connecting pipes
Velde Orlen Trzebinia (PL) Membrane walls
MHPSE Kusile 8 (ZA) Supporting tube suspension
MHPSE Hamm (DE) bulkhead collectors
Hülsenbusch BASF Ludwigshafen (DE) Boiler roof
Uniper Bremen (DE) Membrane walls
RWE Niederaußem BL. K (DE) Black-White connectors
1Heiz Energie Eberswalde (DE) Boiler roof
Velde Monheim 4 (DE) Membrane walls
Doosan Babcock Tornesch (DE) Membrane walls
Velde BASF (DE) Membrane walls
HZI Pirmasens (DE) Membrane walls
RWE Eemshaven (NL) Connecting pipes
PCK Raffinerie Schwedt DE1 (DE) Wall passage through superheater and evaporator bulkhead
Velde Hamburger Rieger (DE) Membrane walls
MHPSE Ulm (DE) Economizer
Steinmüller Babcock Environment San Sebastian K1 (ES) Vertical trains 1-3 with grate edge pipes, horizontal trains 4-6 with Eco, evaporator and superheater bundle
Steinmüller Babcock Environment San Sebastian K2 (ES) Vertical trains 1-3 with grate edge pipes, horizontal trains 4-6 with Eco, evaporator and superheater bundle
PCK Raffinerie Schwedt DE2 (DE) Superheater, evaporator bulkhead, support tubes, evaporator bottom
Uhlig Pfleiderer (DE) Membrane walls
DSD Berlin Schkopau (DE) Membrane walls
Wehrle AG Malmö (SE) Membrane walls
Unic Systems Pfleiderer (DE) Headers
Uniper Schkopau (DE) Membrane walls
GE Power Heusweiler (DE) Spray attemperator
Uniper Stockstadt (DE) Superheater, Header
Svex Indaver Beveren (BE) Membrane walls
Stadtwerke Leipzig Piesteritz (DE) Secondary air preheater


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
Unic Systems Pfleiderer Gütersloh (DE) Milling drum
PCK Raffinerie Schwedt DE1 (DE) Superheater, Evaporator bulkhead, support tubes, evaporator bottom
LEAG Lippendorf Block S (DE) Burner corners
Südzucker Zeitz Werk Zeitz (DE) Spray attemperator
LEAG Boxberg R (DE) Wall passages T24
VKK Smurfit Kappa (DE) Membrane walls
1Heiz Energie Eberswalde (DE) Economizer
ETABO Niederaußem Bl. H (DE) ZÜ3 Outlet header
MHPSE Ptolemais (GR) Membran walls upper part, Transition parts, Spiral walls, Hopper, Headers, Attemperator, Separator
MHPSE Ptolemais (GR) Vapour burner
MHPSE Turow (PL) Membran walls roof, Membran walls upper part, Transition parts, Spiral walls, Hopper, Headers, Attemperator, Separator
MHPSE Turow (PL) Pulverized coal burners
MHPSE Kusile 8 (ZA) Spray attemperator
MHPSE Avedöre (DK) Heat exchanger
MHPSES Abu Qir (EG) Boiler component


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
MHPSE Kusile 1-6 (ZA) Header, T-Pieces, Connecting tubes, Spare parts
Infra Serv Wiesbaden (DE) Superheater
MHPSE Turow (PL) Membran walls roof,
Membran walls upper part
MHPSE Raghunathpur/Meja/Solapur (IN) Pulverized coal burners
Spare parts
MHPSE Medupi (ZA) Separators


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
MHPSE Solapur 2 (IN) Transition part, Attemporators
Separators, Start up vessel
Pulverized coal burners
MHPSE Meja 1 (IN) Seperators, Start up vessel
MHPSE Kozienice (PL) Transition part, spiral walls,
Burner openings, hopper,
Headers; Upper part walls
MHPSE Raghunathpur 2 (IN) Pulverized coal burner
MHPSE Meja 2 (IN) Transition part, Attemporators
Separators, Start up vessel
Pulverized coal burners
Vattenfall Lippendorf (DE) Burner openings


Customer Object / Site Scope of supply / Products
HPE Medupi Block 5 (ZA) Open pass
HPE Medupi Block 6 (ZA) Open pass
HPE Solapur 1 (IN) Transition part, spiral walls, burner openings, hopper, superheater headers
HPE Meja 1 (IN) Pulverized coal burner
HPE Kusile 3 (ZA) T-pieces and star distributors
HPE Kusile 3 (ZA) Start up vessel, separators
Borsig Weisweiler (DE) Headers with connecting tubes


Klein, Bernd

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-281
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-526

Böwe, Jörg

Managing Director
Phone: +49 (0) 203 8038-4034
Fax: +49 (0) 203 8038-61-4034

Finance & IT

Ellmrich, Steffen

Head of Finance and IT & Authorised Officer
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-345
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-526


Petzold, Jens

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-273
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Kreißig, Kersten

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-265
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Kühnert, Thomas

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-253
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Dabergotz, Frank

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-251
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Zucker, Oliver

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-390
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Porzig, André

Project Manager Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-422
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Severin, Steve

Sales Representatives
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-278
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320


Freitag, Martin

Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-274
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Kappler, Aline

Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-252
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-320

Production & Manufacturing

Nührig, Ronny

Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-586
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-573

Welding Technology

Ritter, Michael

Welding Engineer
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-398
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-573


Möhring, Frank

Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-389
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-284

Quality Management

Pätzold, Marcel

Head of Quality Management
Phone: +49 (0) 3764 53-396
Fax: +49 (0) 3764 53-573

Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH, a Mitsubishi Group company, is a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH.

Compliance within our Group

It is the objective of Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH to conduct all business relations in an ethical and professional manner. This includes compliance with legal and internal regulations, avoiding conflicts of interest and protecting the company’s assets and reputation. The company always takes into account customs, traditions and social values of the countries where it does business. Misconduct and workarounds are not in the interest of the company and will not be tolerated.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct contains important rules of behavior which help answering ethical and legal questions in daily business and in strategic decision-making processes.

In April 2015 the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Board of Directors adopted a global policy detailing their Code of Conduct. As a global company, MHI employs thousands of individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This diversity of talent and perspectives is one of our greatest assets. At the same time, however, MHI as a company must operate with a single corporate culture that enables it to compete successfully in the global market while maintaining its reputation as a company of high integrity and ethics. The Code of Conduct describes how MHI group companies and employees should conduct themselves.

As group companies of MHI, Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH (including its branches and subsidiaries), have formally adopted the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct. Please click on the link below to access the Code of Conduct: