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Die Meeraner - MDKB - Meeraner Dampfkesselbau - Ausbildung & Lehrgänge Schweißer


From practice. For practice.


Combined trainings

On-site trainings

Theoretical and practical customer trainings, which will bring you forward – from a compact course to comprehensive advanced training. For apprentices, specialist workers, engineers: The MEERANER academy imparts welding knowledge and skills at the highest level. From a compact refresher course to comprehensive training course. Also at your company.


Welder/assembly welder, welding engineers and welding supervisors: We offer real expert training for the day-to-day work for all of them. Our training courses support and qualify your employees individually. We refresh expert knowledge, expand it – and impart new knowledges and skills.

The necessary teaching materials and equipment are provided by us, we will organise board and lodging upon request.

Your advantages:

  • Challenging trainings by training personnel with decades of practical experience
  • Examination certificate or certificate of attendance by the TÜV SÜD and MEERANER Dampfkesselbau
  • Additional comprehensive trainings with regard to material science, welding filler materials, NDT test methods and component assessment
  • Possibility of individual on-site trainings in your company

Welding training center

Two fully equipped training workshops for the procedures GTAW (141), SMAW (111), GMAW (135), MIG (131) and gas (311) are available for practical training. The training includes both theoretical and practical education beginning with general construction steel, high temperature steels, austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys and martensitic chromium steels. We can also provide trainings for aluminium, aluminium alloys and copper.

Welding training courses according to DVS modules

DVS-EWF trainings for welding technology:

Comprehensive, right to the chase and from real life: Our welding technology training courses lead to the desired result. With a variety of procedures and materials.

  • DVS-EWF training course – Gas welding modules 3-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – Manual SAW welding (material grades 1.1;8) modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – GMAW steel welding (material grades 1.1;8) modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – FCAW-cored filler wire welding (material grades s 1.1;8) modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – GMAW-CrNi welding (material grades 8) modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – MIG-Al (material grades 21;22;23) modules 1-4
  • DVS-EWF training course – GTAW welding modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – GTAW-CrNi welding (material grades 8) modules 1-6
  • DVS-EWF training course – GTAW-Al welding (material grades 23) modules 1-6

Special training courses for welding technology

With more than 150 years of experience in steam boiler engineering, highly specialised welding tasks are our day-to day business. We impart valuable knowledge in a targeted way in the respective special training courses. We offer the following courses, among others:

We offer the following services in the area:

  • Manual SMAW plate welding test (material grades 1.1;5;6;8)
  • Manual SMAW tube welding test (material grades 1.1;5;6;8)
  • FCAW-cored filler wire plate welding test (material grades 1.1;5)
  • FCAW-cored filler wire tube welding test (material grades 1.1;5)
  • GTAW/SMAW tube welding test (material grades 1.1;5;6;8)
  • GTAW/GNAW tube welding test (material grades 1.1;5;8)
  • GTAW DIN EN ISO 9606-2 tube welding test (material grades 23)
  • Gas cutting
  • MIG brazing
  • Welding in boiler construction
  • Welding under construction side conditions or out-of-position
  • Welding of special steels

Combined trainings

In addition to our welding training courses, we also offer combined courses for material science and NDT test methods. These are mainly targeted at the expansion of existing expertise beyond the limits of welding technology.

Material science & use of welding filler materials:

Comprehensive, competent and experienced: This course combines the important topics of material science and suitable welding filler materials.

  • General material science for weldable steels
  • Production control tests and welding procedure qualifications
  • Heat treatment procedures
  • Overview of welding filler materials
  • Correct selection and use of welding filler materials
  • Material combinations

NDT test method & component assessment:

Non-destructive testing, latest state: We will train your participants comprehensively and variedly, in the own test laboratory, among others.

  • Overview of NDT test methods
  • Implementation of NDT tests
  • Analysis and evaluation of error patterns
  • Test and examination of part components
  • Test and examination of welding seams
  • Relevant contents for the drafting of test reports/evaluations

On-site trainings

Several courses work best directly on your premises because this is the only place with exactly those technical conditions your employees have to work with. We will make your teams fit. With international, individual trainings in your company. For this purpose, we will exactly compile your programme from a modular concept of DVS and special training courses – according to your requests.

Each training is as intensive as it is individual – and it is run by highly qualified trainers. The trainings take place directly on construction sites (for example, during the preparations of a power plant installation or within a process plant, which is decommissioned for revision) and in your training rooms.

Trainings by MEERANER Dampfkesselbau have already been performed in Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and South Africa, among others. Several hundred participants have been trained and qualified successfully since 2009 alone.